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ICV - The Intelligent Compaction Value

The ICV refers to the MOBA - Intelligent Compaction Value which is recorded by MOBA's Compaction Meter Assistent in short M.C.A. The ICV relates the stiffness level that can be measured via a special algorithm mainly observed and calculated via frequency and amplitude of the drum.

Why is it important to achieve the optimum stiffness and subsequently density?

Reaching optimum density through road compaction is vital because it ensures structural integrity, stability, and durability. It protects against moisture damage, improves ride quality, saves costs, and reduces the environmental impact of transportation infrastructure.

To better understand the difference of stiffness and density, please see the explanation below:


(Picture credit to: picture left MOBA MCA 500 System/ Picture rigth Bomag compaction process 2011)

The MOBA MCA system show the most efficient way to operate compaction machines to achieve the maximum possible density rating. The optimum stiffness level will ultimately produce the most efficient outcome of density based on machine, underground and other external settings. The stiffness level can be compared to an actual density rating as shown above. Actual density of soil/asphalt can only be determined by plate bearing test, core test, sand replacement or a nuclear gauge. By relating the stiffness level to the actual density level, operator can work compaction work with most effective measures without having to rely on costly and timely laboratory testing at the site. MOBA compaction assistant will tell you when you have reached optimum compaction level based on machine and underground. 

How does it work to set the ICV with MCA compaction systems?

Required Reference – one section compacted and tested for stiffness

Density value can be measured in laboratory and applied to ICV.

During the first Test run ICV sets a semi-random value influenced by given variables between 0-200.

High ICV Value indicate harder underlying material (like Rock)

Low ICV Value indicate softer underlying material (like sand)

Any change of the variables will lead to change of the ICV. 

Once you have set ICV, the system supports the operator to achieve maximum efficiency and best result possible.

Below you can see the test and result comparing conventional compaction without compaction meter versus the MOBA MCA compaction system. MCA systems are able to reduce the time, costs and machine wear and tear up to 50% and still provide a better density value. 

MCA systems reduce cost and time and at the same improve the quality of the compaction for soil and asphalt.

Compaction test without MCA system in Brasil.

Compaction test with MCA system


(Credit to MOBA Brasil)

Please find further reference here:

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