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MOBA GS-506 2D (slope) on CAT 140M grader in Russia

Korrus, an official MOBA dealer, made a successful installation of MOBA 2D (slope) system. The grader is CAT 140M, it has electro-hydraulic system. The unique feature of this grader is that a leveling system must send signal directly to grader solenoid. So at first we realized that moba hydraulic block is useless. We made a request for solution to MOBA and purchased a special control unit.

Control unit

After that we found grader solenoids and added the MOBA control unit to the grader system. And then we made usual installation: mounted sensors, made wiring and calibrated the system.

MOBA works well. It’s funny to control the machine without a steering-wheel. If you are a gamer, it will be no problem.laughing

The grader will take part in the contruction of Moscow-st. Petersburg highway.

I’d like to thank MOBA for professionalism, well-timed information and support. Especially Alexander Wahlmann and Markus Neuheuser. Thanks guys, it was helpful!

vasilevs 04.08.2016 0 4372
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