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It's all about the cloud! Do you use cloud based applications in your daily work?

It seems like every day new solutions for cloud based applications are popping up also in the construction industry. Benefits claimed are higher efficiency by sharing information and collaborating in real-time, access from everywhere, connecting construction site and office. Projects are getting planned and managed through a virtual connection rather than by phone and meeting in person anymore.

There are independent solutions available like and industry solutions offered by Trimble through Trimble Connected Community or Topcon through Magnet Enterprise Solution (see Magnet Tour for more details).

Does anyone has experience with these solutions? How do they work?

jutta 04.12.2015 12 2638
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  •  climent: 
    Hi, I add the follow link, I think is an interesting reading about cloud strategy : Why corporate strategy needs to change with the cloud — Cloud Computing News (­9/02/why-corporate-strate­gy-needs-to-change-with-t­he-cloud/)­
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  •  kimmo: 
    If I remember it right, each machine is synced with 5 minutes intervals with KUURA database (if there are new files). New measurements and machine usage data are transmitted at the same time. Success of the latest sync is visualized to the chief surveyor on color sign.
    There are also other types of information than job files to transfer, store and share. In some work-sites KUURA is used by the end customer to follow the work progress, for example.
    We see that KUURA makes it easier to start utilizing 3D machine control on work-sites, and improves efficiency on sited already using 3D control.
    Patrick, please contact me directly, and we will arrange you a test system. Your comments would be highly appreciated.
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  •  patrickj_davis: 
    I am excited to try it!
    On the topic of automatic download, Dropbox uses a sync method to keep all files updated locally but also stores the files in the offline storage space. I can see where this would be a neat feature if the file on the local machine was designated for KUURA and when a file is placed or saved to this location it began the sync.
    It also sounds like KUURA can deliver quantites in the field on the fly to the office, that is very advantagious to business principals.
    Sounds like a great solution!
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  •  kimmo: 
    Patrick, KUURA is a tool for professional Chief Surveyors to manage 3D job files (and other related information like surveying data), so the user has full control of the information he loads in the service. KUURA works like DropBox since everyone with access to the files can up or download files. This far we have not added functionality to automatically read from designer's computer, if that was what you asked.
    We do read information automatically from the 3D control systems. For example measurements made with excavators 3D machine control can be easily downloaded from KUURA. Chief Surveyor has also tools to show on map where he has already created models, and he can use KUURA to distribute information to all other parties working on the site. We have solved the problem of field reference without survey pegs by showing the users GPS position in relation to alignment lines and job files / 3D model on map display. We can also draw cross section from any point requested.
    We are open for new ideas and work in close co-operation with equipment manufacturers and construction companies. We would also be pleased to hear your comments after testing KUURA.
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  •  patrickj_davis: 
    Kimmo, does the end user have control over the data and your organization provide the peer network similar to solutions like: or does the data reside on your server and use a listener service to to detect version changes? Or even the possibility of a combination of both?
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