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Castellar del Valles
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climent commented on a blog post

That's a good experience Stefano! Please, share the results and details of this pilot with UHF if possible. It will be very interesting to know about system configuration, components, types of bins, how are they dumped, percentage of properly identifiec bins, etc it will be very helpful to know about your experience!

New test for a new project in Busto Arsizio (north Italy) using UHF high frequency.  
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climent added new blog post

The H2020 European WASTE4Think Project seeks to design solutions based on the use of information and communication technologies that would enable the improvement of all waste management stages, adopting a global approach and particularly focusing on citize
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climent commented on a blog post
Hi Jerry, WaaS is a very interesting idea and concept. Is there a minimum time the customer has to commit to contract WaaS? Is there available a catalogue or leaflet for the XLift system?
We wish you very good time and success in Las Vegas!

In North America, weighing front-load garbage bins is fairly easy for commercial waste haulers. Getting consistent and accurate customer weight information to monitor profitability is a different story. While on-board scales are not new, the current proble
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climent commented on a blog post

We have hundreds of projects were we have implemented our systems and they go from big and very populated cities, like Buenos Aires or Barcelona, till very small towns were only one truck is managed. Therefore, the advantages of our systems can be adapted to all cases. We also offer the Software as a service, which means that an initial investment for expensive licenses is not necessary,so,it does not penalize customers or cities with very little fleets.
We adapt our system to all different types of collection system. We have solutions for door to door collection, communal containers on the street, underground containers, etc. The electronics can be implemented in all type of trucks too (side loader, rear-end-loaders, crane loaders, etc).
We do have a dealer in Greece. Please check:
Best regards,
Climent Vilatersana

Ultrasonic technology is used in smart waste management solutions. In 2030, almost two thirds of the world’s population will be living in cities. This fact requires thedevelopment of sustainable solutions for urban life already nowadays. Efficien
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climent commented on a blog post
Hi, I add the follow link, I think is an interesting reading about cloud strategy : Why corporate strategy needs to change with the cloud — Cloud Computing News (­9/02/why-corporate-strate­gy-needs-to-change-with-t­he-cloud/)­

It seems like every day new solutions for cloud based applications are popping up also in the construction industry. Benefits claimed are higher efficiency by sharing information and collaborating in real-time, access from everywhere, connecting constructi
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climent added new blog post A Bright Future for Smart Cities.pdf
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climent added new blog post

The Smart City Concept is such an inspiring story. Making cities more sustainable, providing a better place to live in, and being environmental and energy efficient.” What does that look like? What are some of the great features a Smart City has to offe
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climent commented on a blog post
I believe the concept focusses in the direction that Jutta points. The concept of Cradle to Cradle is a very interesting one, maybe the most radical one. Three years ago I attended a very interesting speech from Prof. Michael Braungart about this topic. There is a lot of information on the internet about the C2C topic: http://www.c2ccertified.o­rg/get-certified/product-­certification...­

Recently we got a proposal regarding the "green industrial product" from a big OEM in China, (nothing to do with food, agriculture product, plants......, only focus on heavy machinery industry and its attachment chain, like suppliers), inside the proposal,
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climent added new blog post

When a city wants to become a Smart City, the Technology is the tool to obtain and manage the raw material. This raw material is the enormous amount of data that a city produces in the different services, infrastructures and citizens. A lot of technologies
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