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MAWIS U2 Video

We have prepared for a recent exhibition in Madrid, TECMA, a video for MAWIS U2 Software.

MAWIS U2 is a smart waste software platform designed to provide solutions to city councils, associations of municipalities and service companies in their management and optimisation needs for waste collection and street cleaning services.

An end-to-end solution on a single and certified platform to manage all the information needs of the service. A  user-friendly and intuitive communication tool to:

Manage the service efficiently and enhance it: organising, planning and optimising the routes, and carrying out services where and when they are necessary, for example, collecting containers only when they are full.

Measure and analyse the data obtained during the service in order to continue optimising it.

Reduce costs and contaminating emissions.

Implement and manage collection systems which identify the user. Achieve recycling collection rates of over 80% and also reduce the total amount of waste generated.

Offer transparency and provide citizens with information related to urban services and waste management. Make the citizen an active a participant in the waste management chain.

A fair payment system, charging citizens and businesses based on the waste they generate.

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