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XSite Easy 2.0

Xsite Easy - it was never more easy to become independent in your excavation operations.

Xsite® EASY excavator guidance system removes the need for manual grade checking and jumping on-and-off the machine. Xsite® EASY enables doing the work correctly the first time, avoiding over- and undercuts. Work with slopes and planes with centimetre accuracy without unnecessary interruptions. The easy-to-use system guides the operator in achieving the desired depth and/or inclination via easy-to-follow, real-time graphics.


 Xsite® EASY can be installed to any excavator Whether you drive a rubber tracked mini excavator, a medium sized wheeled excavator or a large, tracked excavator, Xsite® EASY will help you at every step of the way. Support for two-piece booms and a variety of tilt rotators gives you countless possibilities to boost your work as a number of tasks can be handled with only one machine. The main benefits are illustrated below.

 Benefits of Xsite EASY



Work with Foundations

Measure distances, heights and slopes with centimetre precision and maximize your productivity.

Underwater Working

In addition to depth and distance, the Xsite EASY system displays your bucket’s position in real-time. With Xsite EASY you’ll always know in which position your bucket is, even if you don’t see it.

Level Out Flat Pads

Level out and prepare large flat areas with speed and accuracy. All from the comfort of your excavator cabin

Excavate Trenches / Slopes

Take advantage of the easy-to-use laser receiver and achieve the correct grade and slope on the first go


A new display with new opportunities - Xsite easy 2.0

Please contact us for more information on availablity in your market

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