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Australian small business operator choses MOBA 3D XSite


Jack Healy operates his own business with currently 1 Excavator in Victoria, Australia. Jack has just bought his first MOBA 3D Excavator System and he agreed to a little interview with Alexander Wahlmann – – Sales and Business Development APAC



(Alexander Wahlmann) How did he find the sales process with MOBA Australia?

(Jack Healy) Great and effective. The guys from MOBA Australia were very helpful and customer orientated. The system was in stock and no lead time before the installation.


(AW): What do your typical projects look like?

(JH): Trenching, Digging Foundations, Preparing land plots, parking lots, etc.

(AW): Why did you choose MOBA?

(JH): To be honest, the opposition was not able to confirm availability in time when the system was needed. While looking at other options, we found MOBA online and especially liked the good customer reviews and friendly straight-forward service.


(AW): What is it that you most like about the MOBA 3D system?

(JH): Thanks to the MOBA 3D system, I can perform many tasks independently that prior to the automation was not possible. No more Stacking & waiting for the surveyor to continue work. I get the job done in 1/2 the time. My customer also recognizes the professionality of an excavator equipped with a 3D automation system.

(AW): Would you recommend MOBA 3D systems to other operators like yourself?

(JH): Definitely, and I have done this multiple times already.


We thank Jack very much for his time and wish him succesfull digging operations for the future!!

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