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Accuracy of excavator control systems

One often discussed topic with excavator control systems is the accuracy. This post is not about the specific accuracy of a system but the general idea of what accuracy means. It is important to distinguish between the accuracy, which can be achieved in theory and the accuracy which is achieved after installation on the excavator. The theoretical accuracy, which is based on the quality of the electronic components used in the system, determines how accurate the system can get with zero inaccuracies in the installation process. The accuracy achieved after installation depends highly on how well the installation was done following the installation instructions. Therefore a high quality installation is as important as getting a system with high quality components. Luckily the accuracy can easily be measured by moving the bucket from one point to another and comparing the system measurement with a measurement taken with a tape measure. Therefore you can always check the claim the manufacturer makes against what you measure with your tape.

If you have anything to add to the concept of accuracy in the case of excavator control systems please leave a comment, thank you!

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