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Breakthrough of MOBA 3D in China



Breakthrough of MOBA 3D in China

              ----MOBA 3D-GNSS leveling system matches to Shantui bull dozer perfectly


Over the years, the installation of automatic leveling system in bulldozers with full hydraulic quantitative pumps has always failed. The main reason is that the temperature of hydraulic oil of bulldozers is extremely high under the condition of automatic operation. The high temperature of the hydraulic system can cause the sealing parts of the hydraulic system to fail in a short time, and also cause the oxidation and deterioration of the hydraulic oil, and even cause the deformation and damage of some parts.

On 17th June, three engineers of MOBA Dalian successfully installed MOBA 3D-GNSS automatic leveling system on the bulldozer of Shantui full hydraulic pilot quantitative pump, and after a week’s testing, the system was finally successful.          


 After long time testing (continuous working for more than 3 hours), the highest temperature of hydraulic oil is 59°C, and the leveling accuracy is controlled within 3 cm. Perfect test results, and MOBA 3D-GNSS automatic leveling system has been recognized by Shantui technicians and leaders.   



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