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DSM V2.0 – now more innovative and even faster

The patented DSM-500 system  was launched as a serial product in 2015 as the only system available on the market, being able to measure length using ultrasound. The system was developed particularly for safety-relevant applications, such as stabilizer detection of aerial work platforms and cranes.But only being innovative is not enough for MOBA.

Therefore, the existing system has been developed further, to offer even more benefits.

With the new DSM-500 System V2.0, the customer now has a CAN IN / OUT solution available that enables cost-effective wiring in conjunction with a revised connector concept. All M12 connectors are now mounted directly on the housing.

Another novelty is that the baud rate and the Node ID can be easily set using a rotary switch on the master sensor. This makes it even easier to integrate multiple systems in a network.

The biggest development was carried out with the slave sensor. From now on it is now possible to connect further CAN devices to the slave sensor via M12 connector. Thus, the wiring on the outside of the post, for example, can be reduced to a minimum. Depending on the application, the customer is able to choose whether he wants to execute the CAN as a stub cable, or modify the CAN IN / OUT wiring to integrate further CAN stations.

Not only the hardware has been revised, but also the software. Thanks to our experienced developers, the measuring speed of the safety measurement has become 4 times faster.

Of course, this system has also been certified by the TÜV according to EN ISO 13849-1 cat. 2, PL, d 'and the E1 approval has been successfully passed.



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