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Efficient compaction of HMA with MCA3000

The use of high performant rollers for the compaction of HMA is essential. Besides the static linear load on the drum, the exciter frequency, amplitude and dynamic force are the main characteristics that influence the compaction progress and achieved density.

Dynamic forces introduced into the asphalt will lead to lesser compaction passes carried out with the rollers. Nearly 100 % of all compaction work on HMA is carried out with vibration rollers. A lot of experience about roller- and asphalt-behaviour is needed in order to achieve proper compaction. The directed control of the roller parameters is very often neglected. Compaction then might be carried out with too many passes, the wrong amplitude and frequency results in cracked material, uneven surfaces, bad compaction and separation of layers. Even if all parameters are well settled, the roller operator does not have a tool that allows him to control the compaction work he carried out. It’s all about guesswork which ends up in inefficient and inhomogeneous compaction work. This leads to higher cost for the remitter and less profit for the contractor. On top, the lifetime of the road is reduced.

As well, reasonable compaction reports cannot be generated. Compaction is therefore an unsecure craft. Only a few samples are taken randomly with high risk of checking the wrong spots.

Today usually compacting of HMA is carried out without any support for the operators

Make Compaction transparent

How can we do better?
In order to prevent most of such negative impacts, MOBA has developed and introduced the MCA3000 onto the market.
MOBA’s new technologies allow the improvement of compaction on each roller. Equipped with a positioning system, an acceleration- and a temperature-sensor, the rollers are prepared to increase the efficiency during compaction tremendously.
With its assistance, the homogeneity of the compaction will be increased. The increase of the density will viewed as ICV-value on the display and the operator can follow the compaction passes on the screen as well. Today’s guesswork on rollers is reduced to zero. During compaction it is now possible to find out week spots and we are able to take action in order to prevent surprises when the mat gets checked.
Another targets of the development was easy handling, less complexity, no data files needed, no additional efforts or skills on site. Last but not least, less costs.
Independent from roller manufacturers, the MOBA MCA3000 can be installed on all vibratory rollers on the market. Now, every owner of a roller can improve the efficiency of his roller fleet with an investment that pays back in less than three month. The latest reports have shown that the number of passes needed to achieve a well and homogeneous compacted road, can be reduced by 25% on average.

The roller equipped with MCA3000 delivers full information about the compaction progress and provides excellent work reports.

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