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First waste truck with MOBA equipment in India - Pilot project in Navi Mumbai

In 2012, we presented in front of the mayor of Navi Mumbai, Mr. Sagar Naik, our RFID solutions. He asked us how the city could ensure and control the cleaning of the streets and the emptying of the waste containers until 11:00 a.m.

The answer was easy: Use RFID for the waste containers and GPS tracking for the trucks. So in December 2013, Navi Mumbai became the first civic body in the country to implement Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) chips fixed to the garbage bins and containers. Another new feature is the separation of dry and wet waste at residents’ homes.

It is a top priority for the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) to develop an environmental-friendly city. The main aim will be to promote green practices in projects.

With great benefits and little negotiation, MOBA India was able to install the very first waste truck with our RFID and GPS-tracking on June 1st 2015. The web software used for the waste disposal company and for the city of Navi Mumbai is MOBA’s Mawis U2.

Bin equipment with the RFID-tags at the company’s waste disposal warehouse.

Bin placement at resident homes.

After finishing the truck equipment at the company’s waste disposal workshop.

Mr. ARPIT PATEL – Sales Manager from MOBA India- is explaining the system.

Dr. Rajale – the deputy commissioner of Navi Mumbai- visited on job-site to prove the complete RFID system with the truck and with the bins on real data and emptying.

After the job-site visit, we went into the deputy commissioner’s office inside the “white house” and explained the web solution MawisU2. After looking and confirming the real data from the test, Dr. Rajale told us, “Now I see a real working system. So far I have only ever seen in the past tests and attempts.”

MOBA Mobile Automation is proud to support the Navi Mumbai city to preserve the city’s ecological balance.

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