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Freeway construction in Taiwan

The pictures below show our Big Sonic Ski working in Taiwan on a freeway construction. The freeway, with a total length of 54.3 km, is the only highway connecting the North-Western and North-Eastern area of Taiwan.

The customer chose the Big Sonic Ski as per industry recommendation for smoothness and because no additional string line set up is needed.


The customer ‘YI YANG’ is one of the largest paving companies in Northern Taiwan and since 2015, they are responsible for paving the new connection of the Highway No. 5. They have been well known by quality performance and technology and thus are in charge of projects with high importance.

"The customer received very good feedback about the smoothness of the road, not only from people using it but also from the responsible government authorities." (Shirley Tsai, Machinery department of U Mac Trading)


We would like to thank our customer and expert for paving and heavy machinery "U MAC Trading" for their development of MOBA products in the Taiwanese market. We also would like to thank "Yi Yang" for their trust in our products.


By the way, MOBA and its Big Ski are already widely used in Taiwan.

As you may see on the pictures above, unlike competitor products, MOBA' s Big Sonic Ski (BSS) is compatible with 99% of all pavers that are operated worldwide.

Due to the easy installation, it is no problem to swap the BSS between machines and projects on short notice. In the illustrated cases, MOBA operates on Volvo & Mitsubishi pavers on airport applications, general road maintenance and "classical" freeway construction.

The MOBA-matic controller is able to respond to all common valves used in commercial pavers and allows configuration of all setting to achieve best results for any paver. MOBA MATIC II even remembers the saved settings for a specific paver. That means the controller can be exchanged between machines and no additional setup is required.

Just Plug and Play!

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