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How MOBA integrated telematics into their daily applications and products


Telematics (composed of telecommunication and informatics) is a technology that links the fields of telecommunications and informatics. Telematics is thus the means of the information linkage of at least two information systems with the aid of a telecommunication system as well as a special data processing.


MOBA is using telematics more and more in different applications and products, for example in drilling machines (MDS-2000), excavators (Xsite Pro & Advance) and disposal vehicles (MAWIS U2.0). The requirements for this technology are always the exchange of data between mobile construction machines or commercial vehicles and one or more user(s) around the world, for example in the office or on construction side.


Telematics at the MDS-2000 Drilling system offers the user and his superior a lot of functionality to improve their work and business. It´s possible to display all actual values from the machine and the system in real-time at the service page via the internet browser or mobile phone. Furthermore the machine is always localizable via the GPS receiver and can be switched off remotely. This can especially be very useful in case of theft. Furthermore system updates via the CG-1 communication box (GPRS connection) are no problem and easy practicable.


Telematics at the MAWIS system offers much advantages:

-Order indicator and editing

-Route recording

-Data radio


-Camera connection

-Vehicle data acquisition and recording


To get more machines “online” in the future there are ideas to integrate other application like rollers (MCA-3000), graders & dozers (3D-matic), pavers (Pave-IR), and other machinery involved in the jobsite process.

One example for an innovative development is the CWG (CAN WIFI Gateway) which will connect CAN components to other systems via WIFI.



Like everywhere else, it is also important to create synergies, for example use existing hardware and modify it with modules and other application software. So here the board computer & HMI “MOBA Operand” is often the base for different application solutions.

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