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Increasing global need for Laser land levelling systems

MOBA has recently experienced an increased demand for Land Laser levelling systems.

Why Land Laser levelling?

It is scientifically proven that levelled field increase the corps by up to 25% , significantly reduces the amount of needed water and help farmers and cooperation’s to get the maximum benefit from their harvest.

To read more details about land laser levelling, please also refer to Helder Mendes article which is within MOBA COMMUNITY altready.:

How can MOBA support you?

We offer the whole package (receiving system, transmitter & Bucket) in two different versions:

MOBA LASER MATIC system offers full comfort for the experienced user. Our controller can adjust to all common valves used in the agricultural market. All components are “made in Germany”. In addition, we offer a low-costs system for basic land levling application (On/Off Valves) such as rice or paddy fields. So far we have over 1000 system running in multiple countries with focus on South east Asia.

Please find the latest picture from a live -demonstration in Thailand below:

I would like to thank Akash Prajapati for those epic pictueres and the excellent support giving to our MOBA customer in Thailand!

We offer local support in most countries already and are looking forward to extend our service network worldwide.

For any questions and enquieries, please feel free to contact

Samip Desai


Alexander Wahlmann

Alex_Wahlmann 29.06.2016 0 2810
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