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Job Story - Big Sonic Ski 4 Sensors

On April 2, 2018, the technical team of MOBA TECMASERM carried out the installation of a new Big Sonic Ski 4 Sensors system.

On this occasion, it was carried out in a Vögele Super 1900-3i paver, leaving the system fully integrated and working perfectly thanks to its universal installation in any type and brand of paver.

The project consisted of the conditioning and improvement of accesses to the CM-420 road in the town of Alcázar de San Juan from Manzanares in its section from pk.12 to pk. 23. This Work belongs to the Board of Communities of Castilla La Mancha being the contractor Alvac S.A. (Pavalco), which relied again on the MOBA systems to carry out the execution of this important project.

Undoubtedly, the project was a new opportunity for the Big Sonic Ski 4 Sensors system to display all its qualities, since we were facing a section with great irregularities in the surface, and in which thanks to its extension of up to 13 meters and its four sensors optimized the accuracy of the results and a better verifiable planimetry was achieved during the asphalting. The installation of four sensors was fundamental since thanks to this irregularities were detected that appeared at a regular distance of five to seven meters and that can not be detected by fewer sensors.


At MOBA we are aware of the virtues and great advantages of our systems, but also that without companies with great professionals and committed to the application of good practices in asphalt, it would not be possible to carry out the work. For this reason we must highlight the enormous professionalism and commitment with the good work that the workers and personnel of the company Alvac S.A (Pavalco) showed throughout the execution of the work.



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