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LTS - the lift truck scale system

In cooperation with a regional deliverer for lift truck attachments MOBA is selling the lift truck scale system LTS with attachments for different requirements.

For foundries MOBA uses special rotary attachments, to measure the change in weight during the dosing or emptying of the contents of the container and show it on a external display on the roof of the lift truck.

The attachments will be mounted with special weigh bars by MOBA. The quantity of the mounted weigh bars depends from the maximum load of the lift truck. The weigh bars are plugged double-row in the attachment, so the upper row will load on tension and the lower row will be load on pressure.

Every weigh bar has a unique connection to the junction box. This ensures the easy exchange of every single weigh bar, the so-called “plug & play principle”.

The connection between the junction box and the operation panel in the driver´s cab is carried wireless or tethered.


If the lift truck is used in a foundry the cables in the attachment are covered with a special heating protection hose and additional metal sheets.


Heating protection hose with metal sheets and an example for an attachment in a foundry:


If you want more informations about our LTS system please contact your MOBA team


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