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MOBA Australia installing yet another Xsite system

MOBA Australia (former MCE) is continuously writing success stories.

WYNDHAM DRAINAGE PTY LTD chooses MOBA 2D Excavator system with future prospect of 3D upgrade.


With a total of 5 Excavators WYNDHAM DRAINAGE was looking to partner with a company that could work alongside them and deliver solutions and expert technical advice to lead them into the future. With excellent proven local support MOBA Australia is the right partner for this venture.





The customer like many was not ready for full 3D control so they wanted a system that was easily upgradable. The future ability to make 3D files them self on the jobsite without using third party surveyors for simple and complex V drains was one of the many reasons they looked at the MOBA solution.

MOBA AG offers the right solution for every stage YOUR business finds itself.

In terms of XSite Excavators system that means that you can easily upgrade from basic 2D to advanced 2D and/or to full 3D. Next to compatetive GNSS compass MOBA pursues with the most advanced and robust 6 axes among the industry.


G2 Sensor




 Please find a link to our Excavator systems here :


Thank you, MOBA AUS & WYNDHAM DRAINAGE PTY LTD, for the feedback.

We wish you all the Best for the future.

Keep us posted!



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