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MOBA philosophy cable female connector / device male connector


Anyone who has looked at MOBA connecting cables in more detail will notice that the cable ends are almost always made up unequally: one end with cable female connector and the other end with cable male connector.

Also between controller outputs and sensors there is often seen a difference in the device connectors.

The reason for this is not the administration a particularly wide variety of connectors, but a thoughtful philosophy.

The supply voltage for a device, which shall be connected, is always led via connectors with completely covered contacts. That is the same with screwed connections, bayonet type connections and plug connections all over the entire MOBA product range.

The construction of the connector is thereby a protection against contact and prevents from inadvertent contact with the internal live parts.
One or the other might say that motor vehicles and construction machines with its 12 V or 24 V on board supply systems belong to extra-low voltages and that there is no need for a protection against contact at voltages below 60 V DC since these voltages are harmless for humans and animals.
But in this case, it is not only the protection of people, but also to prevent short-circuits caused by inadvertent, incorrect insertion or by a touch of the live contacts with metal tools or other conductive objects.
Nothing is more annoying than to cause an error through some little inattention.

Passive components, i. e. those which are externally supplied with voltage and do not provide supply voltage by themselves (e. g. sensors, displays, inputs of HMIs), are therefore equipped with the counterparts in the form of device male connectors.

Even though this version of contacts offers a little less protection against mechanical damage than its counterpart, a so-called “improper use” can at least not cause any short circuit.

By consistently adherence of the above-described connector philosophy over many generations of MOBA products, day-by-day system failures are avoided, which could be caused by inattentiveness or overhasty handling in the daily attaching and detaching.

Although almost all MOBA products themselves are short-circuit-proof, the elaborated selection of the connectors also avoids malfunctions and failures of other systems which would be caused by destroyed fuses in the vehicle's electrical system.

However, if the requests of a customer specific development deviate from the basic idea described here, MOBA of course meets these customer demands.


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