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Machine Control managed by satellite positioning services

What already has been established in some parts of Europe, for example in Switzerland or Scandinavia, is now getting more and more popular in Germany: Machine control managed by satellite positioning services instead of a local GNSS reference station.

MOBA customers who work with 3D Xsite products (Xsite® PRO, Xsite® PRO ADVANCED) are perfectly prepared for such a systems solution. All they need is an activated data SIM Card of any provider. No other hard- or software extensions are necessary.

MOBA AG recommends for Germany the two following well-established and multi-vendor services:

The operation remains the same for the end user. The system just receives GNSS corrections for an increase in accuracy of up to 1-3 cm via a NTRIP internet connection by using a common data SIM Card. The satellite positioning services provide RTCM 3 corrections. Finally, our customers benefit from three essential advantages:

  • An own local GNSS reference station is omitted. For this reason, the machine can easily and flexibly be used at different job sites
  • The satellite positioning services offers additional real-time transformations. Machine control systems can analyze this data in order to calculate coordinates in the official position and height reference system (Gauß-Krüger, UTM). As a consequence, local calibration for the job site and local control points are omitted
  • The SIM Card further facilitates a remote support
  • will also be enabled by using a data SIM Card. The majority of questions can time as well as cost efficiently be answered via telephone once the MOBA supporter gets remote access to the system in order to operate the system while giving explanations
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