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Modern Marketing Tools – Part II - Adobe Cloud

The Collaboration Tool for Creative Marketing Tasks

In a modern technology company, it is obvious that technological advancements are implemented into everyday work activities – as in marketing. This series of blogposts sheds some light on modern tools that not only facilitate but also transform marketing in the digital age. While the first post gave some insights into the task collaboration tool asana, this post deals with a collaboration tool for creatives: the Adobe Creative Cloud.


What is the Adobe Creative Cloud? A short introduction.

The Adobe Creative Cloud is a collection of apps from Adobe and a cloud to easily store and share files. The most common apps among them are Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, Lightroom, Bridge, Acrobat DC and After Effects, just to mention a few.  To further elaborate on the use and meaning of this modern way of creating designs, it is essential to conceive the transformation of marketing within the recent years.


Opportunities and challenges of modern marketing

With the rise and development of the internet and new technologies, marketing has fundamentally changed. Along with increasing immediacy and competition, this poses opportunities as well as challenges to our work today. 

On the one hand, we profit from an increased, international reach and the precise targeting of an audience in a fast and cost-efficient way. Furthermore, the impact of marketing becomes more measurable and leaves a basis for future steps.

On the other hand, the challenges are rising. The fast-technological development repeatedly requires new, innovative ideas that outperform the competition. Due to the fast distribution of messages through digital channels, marketing needs to happen immediately. This means 24/7 and often rather spontaneously, as a reaction to events, happenings and recent developments. 

Consequently, marketing needs to be fast, flexible and based on an excellent collaboration of many different parties. This is not always easy considering that a creative process, which is essential in marketing, cannot be forced. For this reason, the Creative Cloud provides the optimum solution.


Adobe Creative Cloud boosting creativity in a fast-moving world

Basically, what the Adobe Creative Cloud offers creatives is state-of-the-art tools to create any kind of digital art and a space to work on them. A space to get inspiration as well as store, exchange and continue ideas and pieces of art. Since time pressure is a real challenge in the sector, this concept is the perfect solution for any creative.

As such, it is possible to start a piece of art and continue later, even on a different device, in a different place. Having access to one’s work from anywhere and anytime is a time-efficient way of creating designs. Whenever someone has a spare 5 minutes, he or she can continue his or her work. This includes making changes, adding inspiration to the cloud or taking photos and working on them on the spot. Spontaneous ideas or inspiration can directly be implemented or saved for further processing. This is a major advantage for creatives since creativity can always strike – even at the most unexpected places and times.

Also, a common cloud within a whole team of creatives allows the exchange of both ideas and elements. Whether colors, shapes, basic elements, filters or a picture database, everything ensuring a consistent design can be stored in and retrieved from the cloud. Imagine a team that is not locally bound but spread all over the world. Having access to all information and elements of the common design allows a close collaboration across borders. Furthermore, the availability of defined standards ensures an internationally identical design base. 

Thirdly, the exchange of files has never been easier and faster. After a quick update of the shared files, everyone granted access to the cloud can retrieve the shared work. Therefore, the Creative Cloud (CC) is not only the ideal tool for a single person but also for a whole team of creatives. There is thus no limit for the creative collaboration across one or several teams.


Adobe CC at MOBA

The diverse tasks in marketing require a diverse team with members mastering different creative disciplines. There is i.a. image/photo and video editing, 3D design, animations, illustrations, web design, print designs, texting, etc. In a well-functioning team, each member has another or overlapping creative strengths. Adobe CC thus provides the perfect foundation to combine all disciplines at once. This enables the whole team to agilely collaborate. 

Even beyond the team, the cloud facilitates the cooperation with different creative agencies. An uncomplicated exchange of information, concepts and design basics can easily take place. Through the individual setting of access rights to different objects within the cloud, only the information needed gets transferred. 

Another advantage that we heavily profit from is the automatic and regular update of all software. Adobe continuously advances and improves all its applications and provides us with a free update as soon as one is available. By this means, the Adobe tools we are using always are up-to-date and include the latest features. Even development projects and Beta-versions are partly made available. This leaves us the opportunity to immediately experiment and get savvy in software that was just released. This innovation strength in marketing thus is very much alike the one our products carry. 


An indispensable tool in modern marketing

In sum, the Adobe Creative Cloud is what many creatives have long been looking for. It has become an essential in modern marketing to adapt to rising challenges, such as increasing competition, immediacy, need for originality or fast technological advancement. While creativity is still highly dependent on many different factors, the tool is clearly facilitating one: boosting creative teamwork. 

Do you have any experiences with the Adobe Creative Cloud? Please share them with me! I am eager to hear them!


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