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Sensors that are learning by doing!

Inclination sensors are very common in the field of construction machine automation. In the crane and lifter segment those sensors measure the inclination of the chassis and the booms - measurement values that are used for the load moment limitation system. This is a safety relevant system that prevents the machine from tipping over. Such a system enables the maximum outreach in every position of the machine without threatening the structural safety.

There arises only one problem with respect to the working temperature of the sensors. Most of the sensors keep the temperature in the device stable. This takes time, especially when starting to work at a low outside temperature. During this time, the sensor is not keeping the specified accuracy - a substantial disadvantage for the use in safety relevant control systems.

How can we overcome this disadvantage?

The answer is: learning by doing! MOBA developed special temperature compensated inclination sensors that learn their specific temperature behavior. The sensors are located inside a climatic device and a learning procedure is started. The curve of the zero point deviation and the relevant temperature is recorded and restored to the sensor for correction purposes. In a second step, the temperature circle is repeated when the sensor uses the specific correction values and the result is verified. MOBA can reach a factor 10 improvement of the zero point accuracy in this way. Due to the fact that the sensor is always measuring the real ambient temperature, it is directly in its specified accuracy range.

For safety relevant applications, this technology and procedure should thus always be the first choice!

Boris_Zils 31.10.2016 0 1412
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