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The MOBA Project Management - Part 16

The magic triangle:

In any project, no matter how large or small it may be, there are three factors that determine its final result.

These 3 factors are:
Time (schedule, milestones)
Costs (budget, resources)
Scope/Quality (features, functionality)

In project management in this context we speak of the "magic triangle".

The magic triangle is used to illustrate that the scope/quality, the costs and the time of a project are directly dependent on each other respectively in direct competition with each other and cannot be changed independently.

If you pull a corner of this triangle during the course of the project, the ratio of the sides shifts accordingly.


1) The date for the product presentation at the trade fair has been fixed for a long time and is unchangeable.
Ideas for additional software comfort functions have arisen during the field tests.
In order to implement these in time, additional developers must be consulted or those involved so far must work longer, which both increases the development costs.

2) The maximum product costs were fixed in advance in an offer and are almost exhausted. A plastic housing instead of a metal housing would just about fit into the budget, but may not meet the requirements for robustness and interference resistance of the product.
A classic conflict between costs and scope/quality.

The MOBA project management has the challenge of evaluating each work package, each new situation that arises (e.g. due to a change request by the customer), each unforeseeable trend in the course of the project and each activity with regard to all 3 factors, bringing them into a reasonable and equitable balance and monitoring the implementation.

In the case of developments on behalf of a client, this is of course done in close cooperation with the customer concerned.

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To be continued ...

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