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The MOBA Project Management - Part 2

Project Management - Definitions

Project management

DIN 69901 GERMAN INSTITUTE FOR STANDARDIZATION (Deutsches Institut fuer Normung E.V.):

Project management is the collectivity of executive functions, organization, techniques and means for processing a project“.


DIN 69901 GERMAN INSTITUTE FOR STANDARDIZATION (Deutsches Institut fuer Normung E.V.)

Intention basically defined by the uniqueness of the conditions in its collectivity, as e.g. set target, temporal, financial, personal and other limitations, separation from other intentions, project-specific organizations“.

A project always starts with a precise project order and has a defined “customer”, which can be an external customer, as well as the company management itself (internal).

A project is a unique process consisting of a set of coordinated and controlled activities with starting date and deadline. It is carried out with consideration of possible limitations like time, costs and resources, with the goal to achieve a pre-set target.

The collective activities in regards to a successful project process lead to a circuit system for project control.

Project manager

In case project targets and definitions have not already been discussed with the customer, it is the project manager’s central task to agree upon them with the customer and finally document them in a detailed target specification - based on the agreed requirement specification.

The definition of the project manager also determines the project manager’s responsibility for planning, controlling and monitoring the project.

Primarily, the project manager is responsible for the project’s operational planning and controlling. In this regard, he/she is held responsible for achieving factual targets and deadlines during the project processing.

In the planning process, he/she determines temporal and content-related sub-goals as well as the resources needed to achieve them.

Pre-settings on which means and measures are to be used to achieve these subtasks and time targets are not part of the description of targets.

In addition, the project manager has to keep the project‘s development transparent at all times, detect and handle risks in time and personate responsibility.

A successful project management requires a “set of tools” and organizational skills to coordinate all parties involved. Time management and integrating customer feedback are an essential part of a well-run project management department.

MOBA’s approach is to continuously fine-tune its project management practice and “set of tools”. The reward is an efficient use of resources and a product delivered on time and according to customer specifications!

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