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The MOBA Project Management - Part 21


A lessons learned meeting should never take place without preparation. In principle, any project member can prepare and carry out this. Most of the time, however, the project management does it.

The basic framework for a lessons learned meeting basically always consists of the following four questions:

 - What was the target of the project?
 - Was everything achieved or were there deviations from the target?
 - What went well?
 - What went wrong?

Of course, giving praise always has a positive effect on the atmosphere in the discussion. Just as important, if not more important, is to point out and address what did not go quite so well.

It is essential to hold the meeting in a separate and suitable room. A projector, flip chart and pin board are standard here.

The meeting resembles a brainstorming session, where cards to be written on and interactive participation are essential:

 --> Write positive and negative points of criticism on individual cards
 --> Each project member briefly explains the points they have written down
 --> Collective sorting of the cards in thematic blocks
 --> Evaluation of the positive criticism
 --> Prioritization of the negative criticism (if you do not come up with a joint solution, time, costs and goals must be evaluated according to the overarching project goals)
 --> For each negative criticism card, a new card with specific countermeasures should be created

At the end there is always a protocol of the lessons learned meeting, which is sent to all project members and possibly also to the board.

The target of every such meeting is the joint development of instructions for action and the creation of templates and workflow models for follow-up projects. 

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