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UnderCOVER – The MCP’s special force

The MCP is a modular control panel - a construction kit for manufactures. The modularity allows MOBA to fulfill all the standard requirements of Human-Machine-Interfaces in the construction industry while offering a great variety of different features.

The latest extension of this construction kit is an optional mountable cover to protect the panel. Its telescopic nature along with a screw at the axis, ensures a flawless and space saving opening and closing to any chosen position, thereby serving as an additional sunlight or rain protection. Additional rubber parts close all the gaps in order to protect the panel from environmental influences. It is built for harsh circumstances!

For service reasons the cover is interchangeable within seconds. A recessed zone is prepared to take a logo sticker from the manufacturer. All in all, it is a service-friendly control panel for everyone who is looking for an individual constellation of features according to one’s needs. The protective cover multiplies the combination possibilities and adds another safety aspect.

If you would like to learn more about the MCP, don’t hesitate to contact me!

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