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Upgrading your Furukawa Drilling machine to MOBA 3D

MOBA AG and FURUKAWA are strong partners for 2D and 3D Drilling. Since 2018 Furukawa equips several machine types with MOBA's MSD3000_IMS Display.  The display shows the internal machine data and camera pictures, front and rear. The corresponding Furukawa machines can be equipped 2D sensoric and/or can be upgraded to full 3D support. Machine guidance does not only increase the precision and effectiveness but also the safety of a working site. The Drilling machine can be used as an independent unit - the reliance on external survey teams is minimized. MOBA is one the leading manufacturers of Drilling systems and we are proud to have strong partners such as Furukawa.




Thank you MOBA Australia for sharing this Video.

Please find below the different sensors that are available for upgrading your Drilling machine.

The options range from basic sensor extensions such as DEPTH and MAST Slope, over full 2D positioning and finally leading towards 3D control.









Talk to us today- please send your Drilling request to:

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