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Weir Waste reaps the benefits of MOBA's bin weighing systems

Over the course of the last two years, Weir Waste, one of the largest independently owned commercial recycling and waste management companies in the English Midlands,has been heavily investing in both its fleet of vehicles as well as equipping them with the latest MOBA bin weighing and ID technology.

In a recent case study, published by MRW Magazine - the UK's premier waste and resource title - Weir Waste explains how the technology is transforming the way it does business by helping it renegotiate deals with customers who regularly overfill their bins and sifting out unprofitable contracts. Its also helping them price new business much more accurately, meaning that it doesn't get tied into unfavourable deals. The weighing technology is also helping it to win more business, such is the demand now from both the public and private sector for more detailed waste reporting.

The full case study is available below.

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