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Aerial Working Platforms: Change of Emergency Stop on HMI



The most important button on every HMI is the emergency stop. The obvious reason is that

once the emergency stop is hit, the machine stops and moves into a safe state.

But when and how do you operate an emergency stop?

An emergency stop is in general used when the operator realizes that there is an unsafe

condition. Different operators may handle the emergency button in a different way. Some

are more stressed that others about the situation and might hit the button very hard.

Usually it is not a problem for most emergency stop buttons to handle such hard hits.

When it comes to unlocking the emergency stop, the button can get damaged through

wrong operation. Operators often turn the button to unlock instead of pulling it or vice

versa. Through such mishandling, the emergency stop can get damaged or break off. The

damaged emergency stop requires exchanging immediately so the aerial lift can keep

operating properly.

During the development of the HMImc concept, MOBA has put great emphasis on finding a

solution for that problem. MOBA’s emergency stop cannot only be easily changed onsite, it

can as well be changed on the emergency stop module AND on the 6 button module.

Also, MOBA’s emergency stop buttons can be unlocked either by turning OR pulling which

makes it less likely to break.

For further information on our smart solutions for aerial working platforms, crane and lifters

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