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How to Install the MRW to Achieve Best Weighing Results

At the beginning of each new project, in which the MRW is used, there always remains the question of how to install the MRW. Factors, such as the maximum weight of the cage or the general place conditions need to be considered in detail in order to achieve the lifter’s best performance. During a lot of tests MOBA figured out, which is the best mounting position of a MRW to achieve a continuous high weighing performance.

Adaptation plates

To achieve an accurate weighing result, it is necessary to have the correct dimensions of the adaptation plates. The thickness should be minimum 15mm. In addition, a guideway for the MRW in the adaptation plates ensures a positive locking.

Laterally Mounted MRW in Side Position for a Perfect Weighing Result

The best performance in terms of maximum cage load will be achieved when the MRW is laterally mounted to the cage. In the bending direction, the MRW can compensate the weight in the best way.

To avoid bending torsions, which could influence the weighing result, the MRW should be mounted in a side position. The preferred installation side is between the boom and the cage.

All those mentioned topics together will create a maximum weighing performance.

When the MRW is installed in the guideway of the adaptation plate and the cage will be mounted, you will have a unique positive locking connection. Bending torsions will be prevented due to the side mounting position of the MRW.

(MRW laterally mounted in side position)

For sure it is also possible to install the MRW in another way.

For example, many lifters have the MRW installed lengthwise in the center of the basket for many years. However, what still is to be considered in this example is the correct torque and the bending torsions, which you have to compensate due to the thickness of the adaption plates.

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