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This year BAUMA AFRICA took place for the third time in Johannesburg / South Africa. Since I visited all of them in 2013, 2016 and 2018, I can proudly say that I never missed a bauma Africa so far! Even though MOBA did not exhibit in this specific exhibition, it is still represented in all major construction shows around the world. This is why I have come around quite a lot already !



During my tour at this expo I saw a lot of exhibitors, construction machines, trucks from China, India, Russia and from all over the world. However, I missed the visitors!


I had the impression that there were barely visitors in and outside the expo. Everything was empty. I spoke with several exhibitors at their booth and they all agreed that they had rather wasted their money and time during this week.
Most of the visitors appeared to be people than me: suppliers from abroad to get an impression of the exhibition and to connect with some people. Even though I took many nice pictures, I’m disappointed and excited at the same time. 
Disappointed à I spent a long time traveling
Excited à   We didn’t exhibit there


You can get an impression of bauma Africa 2018 from the German movie from Bauforum 24TV:


When speaking with exhibitors, local visitors and a lot of companies in Africa, it became obvious that the marketing focus clearly lies on exhibitors from other countries. A lot of companies, contractors, machine dealers and others from Africa have never heard about this event.
I am not sure what will happen with bauma Africa now but my impression was that exhibitors were quite disappointed this year. If the focus of the marketing strategy is not drastically reconsidered, this might actually have been its last edition. Even if it doesn’t make me proud, I would then be able to say that I belong to the few people in the world who have been to all bauma Africa who ever took place.

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25.05.2018 (302 days ago)
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