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Big Sonic Ski Installation in Uruguay (Latin America)

BSS Installation in Uruguay with our dealer KPN (Kapern Group), supported and trained by another dealer of Moba, our Argentine dealer, CAYSI SA.


"Many hands make light work" and "There’s no ‘I’ in ‘team’" or "United we stand, divided we fall" or "Union is strength"

It is my "thinking" on the business strategy that I am implementing in our distributor network in the Latin American region. Explaining it better, I am training good distributors, who in turn train others less experienced, creating healthy alliances, taking advantage of the same language (Spanish) and with minimal time zone differences, thus allowing response times to the customer to be reduced.  

From Argentine to Cuba or Uruguay, from Colombia to Peru or to Guatemala, or from Mexico to Honduras, or from MOBA do Brazil to Colombia, ...our dealers are creating friendships either by personally helping each other with this strategy or with the help of Facebook.. So we all win, we all feel like children of the same family (MOBA), offering the best quality of products, with the best support, at a lower cost and time to the end users.

KPN made the first installation of Big Sonic Ski in Uruguay (see pictures below), the jobsite was located in road Ruta 14  TRINIDAD city, the work was performed with the support of Mr. Julian Schvindt, a technical engineer of CAYSI. He made the installation and training of the BSS to KPN and to the operator of INCOCI. Was the first time that the crew of INCOCI worked with this kind of sophisticated technology on the paving machines. The feedback was very, very good.




It is easy make installations on machines that are already ready to connect our systems, but when it comes to machines that are not ready yet, we cannot tell the customer that their machine is unlike any others and we cannot install it!... Then we lose this customer and consequently others will lose without this feedback!... In this case, this Vogele SUPER 1303-2 paver, had no connectors so we couldn't plug in our power cables. 

But thanks to engineer Julian's high technical knowledge, the solution was found, as you can see in the pictures above and he then plugged our cables directly into the machine's electronic board, thus converting an unprepared machine into a machine like so many others with quick connections.

Happy customer, Loyal customer !!

After my visit and meeting some months ago with Mr. Antonio Villaluenga (Manager of KPN), the contractor INCOCI decided to try and reach the desired smoothness in this project, with the MOBA Big Sonic Ski with 4 sonics and 3 sonics. 

We made many visits and meetings in the last years in construction companies, explaining and showing the benefits of our solutions. Now, they already understood that the smoothness is one of the most focus in road construction in other countries and the Big Sonic Ski is the answer for this specific request. 

A good results in costs savings and time, higher quality and of course longer duration of the road, are the goal of the owners of the roads, and this it is possible only with investments in technology.

I hope INCOCI will install many other MOBA solutions in the other machines that they have in their machinery park.

Thank you CAYSI, KPN and INCOCI for your trust and positive feedback of our MOBA products!

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