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Curiosities around SE Asian construction sites

Please find below a couple of pictures, taking during my business travels, of South East Asian constructing sides. 


Building a road in rural Asia

Here is what happens if you do not have a paver and or asphalt truck in hand -

You just “cook” the bitumen on the side of the road and apply it with  “special high temperature -brushes" directly on the road


Hot Bitumen prodcued on the side of the road. 


Two worker manually mix the materials and  "level" the road.



The sleeping workers

Although stuck in heavy traffic and surrounded by load noises, these man have no problem taking a nap on the back of their working truck.

All it takes is a little shade and a semi comfortable place to have a “nana nap”. 





The safety boots

Below pictures show some SE Asian workers on hot asphalt only with their sneakers or even sandals on.

Those kind of protection footwear has been spotted all over Asia and is not only present in a single country.




Bamboo instead of metal support

Whilst in Europe its common to support new building and construction sites with metal pillars – SE Asia is known to support with pillars made from bamboo.

As Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants and very common in SE-Asia, it makes perfect sense to utilize on this resource.




Thank you for reading.

Alex_Wahlmann 24.06.2018 0 2159
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