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MCA 500 in Thailand

The corresponding project is located in the eastern part of Thailand, Chon Buri and is part of the Eastern Economic Corridor Investment plan. The earthworks concern the establishment of a future highway to connect Bangkok with Pattaya. Pattaya is one the most important tourist destination of Thailand and is the center of Chon Buri. The total length of the current construction project is about 10 km.

MCA 500 is used to determine the correct density of the base course. MCA 500 increases the effectiveness of the machine and process as well as overall compaction quality. The system saves on time, personnel, costs and machine wear.  MCA 500 as a robust yet inexpensive system that fits any brand of compactor around the world. 


The project includes the use of different brands of compactors – however no problem for MOBA as MOBA is adaptable to any compactor no matter the maker or model. Quick and simple installation. Below you may see the only MOBA sensor that you need to install for earthworks - the MOBA accelertation sensor. It monitors frequency and amplitude and with that generates a compaction value - the ICV (Intelligent Compaction Value).

Nevertheless, certain projects demand a little more than that. MOBA is proud to be one of the few players of the market that offer a sophisticated and high accurcy hang on system for compactors: The MCA 3000 offers full documentation and clearly structured visualization of the compaction progress in real time. The MCA 3000 saves all data as quality verification and sends data wireless to the office/server. One of the main features of MCA 3000 is that it allows communication between multiple rollers.

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