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Customer is King – What CRM systems contribute to that principle

A well-known marketing philosophy states that winning a new customer is five times more expensive than looking after established customers. That means that taking care of their established customers is a very big topic for all kind of companies no matter what product or service they offer.

When it comes to the handling of customer data, the “traditional” way is, that customer contacts and their data are handled on many different ways, depending on the way the different collaborators work. One takes notes on a paper, the next uses his laptop and in many cases the notes are only available for the one who made it. That means that important information gets lost for the others involved and opportunities to improve service and bind the customer are missed.

But how can that be prevented and the access to information be improved? A solution that offers a great potential for improved customer services are Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems.



These systems can facilitate the handling and keeping up to date of all relevant customer data a lot.

A CRM System provides one central place where all relevant customer data including things like interactions, interests and inquiries are stored. As all people involved can access and add their information, for example the latest email contact and its content, they all have the latest data and all important information. With all that organized data, sales, service and marketing can work much more efficiently.

The main features of a CRM system include: Contact management, with all information about the customer, from contact details up to the latest phone call. Other features are lead management, content sharing, analytic instruments, sales forecasting, instant messaging between employees and email tracking. Depending on the extend of the system, also other features are possible.


Source: Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd

For companies a CRM system helps to improve the exchange of information between different departments a lot. Also, a fast order processing and invoice issuing is possible. Communication with the customer gets more professional when all coworkers have all information. That also allows to customize offers and marketing activities. Also automated working processes are possible, for example to create an invoice out of an offer or to create a service case out of a phone call.

That are only some example, but to bring it to a point, a CRM system with its possibilities of data management, contributes to a higher efficiency of working processes and a professionalized appearance towards the customer. This way it can help to keep customers satisfied and remain loyal to the company. And to offer them solutions exactly tailored to their needs, so that customer is king.

A good example of using a CRM system is sending Christmas cards.


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