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Demonstration of Pave-IR on Sumitomo HA60W in Japan

JEMCO has yet performed another DEMO to Japanese Construction companies to show the advantage of the MOBA PAVE IR system.

The picture below shows the dramatic state of a rural street in Japan. As one can identify on the picture below, the street is covered in potholes and seems partially ripped open.

This can happen when asphalt is laid with temperatures differences throughout the profile of the street. If laid asphalt does not offer a homogeneous temperature profile it may be subject to damage by external aspects. Changes in wheater and related temperature rise and drop will damage the surface where temperature problems have occurred during the paving process.


Once PAVE IR is installed and operating, it’s information can support the paving process by displaying and recording divers’ amount of information concerned with the machine, the material and the outside condition.

More detailed information about the display of information can be found in this article here:

The contractor does not only improve the paving process but enables his paving crew to work more efficient by delivery a better quality of the road. Research has proven that homogenous temperature profiles withstand thermal segregation and thus increase the longevity of a road.

Thank you JEMCO for another successful demonstration of PAVE IR in Japan

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