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Demonstration of a GS506 machine control system on a Case 856B Grader

The GS 506 machine control system enables the operator to accurately level and grade undergrounds with a variety of sensors.

The system offers free mobility in difficult terrain and increases efficiency and work speed. All stakeholders of the application are benefitting from using machine control as it saves time, costs (machine wear and tear, petrol) and supports the operator to perform accurate performance.

In the picture below, the GS506 is equipped on the CASE Grader 856B on a trial in Thailand.


The GS506 system processes the height & slope information from its sensors and automatically controls the blade of the machine to ensure most effective grading.

To show the benefit of the system - MOBA and CNH Thailand created 2 challenges for the demo of the system.

1) The first challenge involved the creation of a 2,5% slope simulating a standard road roof profile (where you allow water to run of the highway left and/or right).


For this task, the operator decided to use the MOBA LS3000 sensor in combination with an auto slope laser transmitter.

The laser beam of the transmitter is caught by the laser receiver for height reference. By the use of an electronic mast, the operator does not need to make any height adjustment of the laser manually but can control the process form inside the cabin.

2) The second trial was based on a curve with the aim to create a slope of 4% with a stringline reference.


For this task, the operator decided to use the MOBA Sonic Ski to read directly from a stringline.

The Sonic Ski enables the driver to stay on the track and the slope sensors of the GS 506 system ensure that the correct slope is created. 


Trial 1) With only two passes with the laser- the operator was able to create a slope of 2,6% - it's merely impossible to manually work with such efficient and accuracy.

Trial 2) With only two passes with the Sonic Ski - the operator was able to create a slope of 3,8%- also in this case one can stipulate that manual grading can never be as accurate 

Further passes would have led to absolute accuracy.

I would like to thank CNH Thailand for organizing this event in Thailand and I am looking forward to many more success stories.



Alex_Wahlmann 13.11.2019 0 4356
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