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Functional Principle of the DSM-500 System and the Operating Modes

Boris Zils, MOBA Product Manager for Safety Applications, recently wrote a blog post: "Do you need somebody?" describing the functionality of the DSM Dual-Sonic Meter system.

This blog post covers how the Dual-Sonic-Meter 500 system is measuring the distance.

Watch this video to see how the DSM-500 system is working during a measurement.

It is impressive to see when obstacles are between the Master and Slave like for example a tube in the outrigger.

This is just one of the benefits the DSM-500 can offer to a customer for a high performance machine. Furthermore, it is not mandatory that the Master-Sensor and Slave-Sensor are aligned to 100%.

But where is the difference between a dynamic measurement and a safety measurement? There are two measurement methods:

• Dynamic measurement

Every sensor calculates its own length and transfers it to the parent controller of the machine.

Safety measurement (with the parent machine control)

The DSM-500 checks by itself, whether 8 double (16) measurements are corresponding or not. The system sends the safety value and the status to the parent machine control.

In this operating mode the DSM-500 provides EN ISO 13849-1 PL(d).

Overview benefits:

• Contactless measuring system

• Measuring range: 0 – 5 m

• Resolution: 1mm

• CANopen

• PL(d) application / TÜV approval

• Easy integration and service handling

• No opportunity for an end customer to manipulate the system

• Daisy Chain concept for wiring

• IP67

• Baud rate freely selectable 125/250/500kB

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