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Why is the IRC-100 Handset a “nice to have” and sometimes a “must have” for MSS-Sensors?

The IRC-100 is a handset to do a ‘Zero’ - calibration of the MSS sensor at the machine. Most of the MSS sensors use CANopen protocol and it is possible to calibrate the sensor at the machine via CANbus. In this case, the IRC-100 is not a “must have”. But nevertheless some customer use the IRC-100 handset due to the easy handling.

What are the cases where the IRC-100 is a “must have”?

The MSS-505 for example is a redundant slope switch. This sensor is especially developed for safety applications like slope monitoring of the cage of an aerial lift. This redundant sensor has switches so it can be used on lifters where no CANbus is used. With such a sensor it is still necessary to do a ‘Zero’-calibration during the installation in the cage to ensure a very high accuracy.

Safety comes first

First you have to be sure that the position of the MSS sensor is in an allowed range of > ± 2° of the factory setting. The slope sensors come accurately calibrated from the factory. If you would like to do a ‘Zero’ - calibration with a MSS sensor you have to start the calibration process within 2 minutes after the MSS sensor has power supply. The distance between the sensor and handset has to be less than 30cm. When you push the first time the IRC-button, the green/red LEDs of the slope sensor are flashing quickly. To confirm the new calibration you have to push the IRC-100 button again within 2 seconds. The LEDs of the MSS slope sensor are flashing now green and the settings of the ‘Zero’-calibration are set.

If we stirred your interest, have a comment, or have any further questions, please contact Boris Zils.

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