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Galileo reaches initial services

On 15.12.2016 Galileo reached a status of initial service meaning the ground infrastructure and 18 satellites are now ready and operating. The system is planned to be ready in 2020 with totally 30 Satellites (24 satellites + 6 spare satellites).

Galileo is a global satellite system (GNSS) build by the European Union, creating an independent system from the US GPS, Russian GLONASS and Chinese BeiDou system.

At the final stage, Galileo will offer 5 key services:

Open Service

Free service, suitable for mass-market equipment like smartphones or car navigation. This service is fully compatible with the existing GPS providing users with more reliable positioning.

Commercial Service

High precision to the centimeter: guaranteed service for which service providers will charge fees.

Safety of life navigation

Open service: for applications where guaranteed precision is essential. Integrity messages will warn of errors.

Public regulated navigation

Robust Service for authorized governmental users (police, fire brigades, etc.)

SAR (Search and rescue service)

System will pick up distress beacon locations from e.g. ships, planes or persons and

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