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SBAS - Australia

In the next two years the Australian Government will invest $12 million in testing a satellite-based augmentation systems (SBAS).

Usually GNSS systems offer an accuracy from 5 to 10 meters, with SBAS infrastructure a 2D-Position accuracy of less than 5 centimeters can be achieved.

SBAS systems follow a similar layout of GNSS systems, consisting of:

  • Ground Segment: Reference Stations, Processing Centers, Communication Network
  • Space Segment: Geostationary Satellites (e.g. EGNOS uses Inmarsat)
  • User Segment: Receivers and Antennas

The following errors are calculated and compensated

  • Ionospheric Error
  • Satellite timing errors
  • Satellite orbit errors

The correction signal is transmitted from a geostationary satellite using the same frequency as GPS (L-band). This allows the user segment to use the same receiver and Antenna for SBAS.

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