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3D-Machine Control: Create Designs direct on the machine

Did you know that with our 3D-Earthmoving systems you can not only import design files that were created in the office but also create surfaces directly on the machine?

On the Excavator System you can use the Xsite Pro to create the profiles below.

You can create all designs either by entering the coordinates/height information manually or by measuring directly with the bucket

Creates a plane surface, the target height can be adjusted.


With the slope function it is possible to create a plane with one or 2 slope directions
 Measuring a line required to create an advanced profile
 Create a straight profile with multiple slope changes
Create a design with multiple slope changes along a line


With the 3D-Matic for Dozers, Grader & Kilvers you can create simple profiles by entering the coordinates or measuring direct with the working tool:


"Flat Profile 1" Creates a flat plane. If the height is measured the target height can be entered manually by shifting the plane up or down.


"Flat Profile 2" Creates a surface with up to 2 slopes (long & cross slope). The long slope is calculated automatically bur can be changed manually
   "Slope Surface 1" is used to create a rooftop profile with user defined slopes left and right of the centerline
   "Slope Surface 2" in addition to "Slope Surface 1" the rooftop can have along slope. The longslope is calculated automatically using the distance& height difference between Point 1 and 2 but can be adjusted manually
  By measuring 3 Points the long and cross slope is calculated automatically 


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