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Going Digital with Construction Processes

Construction processes are now more efficient and modern than ever.
However, many problems still exist for project managers such as delays, cost increases, insufficient coordination between different subsections and parties involved, or fluctuations in quality. In addition to these “traditional” problems, there are other requirements are seeing a higher impact during recent years: sustainability, environmental aspects, energy efficiency, and lifecycles.

To overcome all these challenges, it’s very important to use all available tools to further improve efficiency and achieve consistently high-quality results.
And there are indeed modern tools help to overcome various obstacles and achieve better results than ever.
But what does this look like in the construction world? To start, it includes the use of digital advices and programs in both the office and the machinery itself. More and more construction machines are equipped with state-of-the-art control systems that precisely control the construction process. Going digital also offers great potential for fleet management, predictive maintenance, and optimization of the organization of business and project processes and the data analysis.


MOBA’s 3D excavator systems, Xsite Pro

Another example of going digital is Building Information Modeling, or BIM, which is a method of planning, execution, and management for building construction, no matter if houses, roads or other buildings are present. It is based on 3D models and offers information and tools for an efficient working process for all parties such as architects, engineers, and construction companies. If machines are equipped with the corresponding control systems, for example MOBA’s 3D excavator systems, the data model can be transferred directly to the machine in real time.
Using BIM offers many advantages, for example better data quality, as all data is based on a joint base, which gets synchronized continually. This data can then be used and shared by all the teams involved on a project, greatly improving the project work flow.


MOBA’s 3D asphalt pavers systems

The key advantage by using a digital solution, is the whole working process can save time and money as the planning and implementation is made more efficient and centralized. And who wouldn’t like a well-organized project?

For many companies, it can be hard to consider digital solutions because there isn’t enough information, or a lack of expertise. That’s why it’s important to partner with a company that knows and understands both the construction process and how to adequately implement digital solutions. Don’t let manual processes be the norm, it’s time to go digital.

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