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HMI Modular Concept: How much time and money will you save?

One of the most important aspects of lifting and access work is the human machine interface (HMI) and control systems. As these machines become more autonomous, it is important that machine operators have easy to use, versatile, reliable, robust, and ergonomic machine controls. As OEMs look to improve their machine controls, many factors go into deciding whether to change and improve them. OEMs are always looking to distinguish themselves from the competition, and a unique solution is usually created for each manufacturer when requested. While undoubtedly important, this does take a substantial amount of time, money, research, and development for the manufacturer. One unique aspect of the decision making is the development time and costs.

But what if there was a way to achieve these safety solutions for less? Less investment, less time, less research, and still achieve a robust and compliant safety performance level. These benefits are something that many niche access manufacturers, medium and large-sized companies are already experiencing with their partnership with MOBA.

One popular customization option is MOBA’s HMI modular concept, which allows OEMs to customize each HMI on their machines without having to invest in development cost. This not only saves the customer money on the development cost and but also reduces research time. With a modern CANbus interface, these HMI modules can be integrated in a variety of ways while reducing the need for cables, resulting in further savings for the OEM. Options include standard and lockable joysticks, multiple types of keypad and display modules, and versatile housing for the one or three modules. Each unit is also shock-proof and water resistant for even the most rugged of job sites. Each customer can incorporates their own distinct decal foils for further customization. These modules also allow for easy maintenance when things go awry on the job site. Instead of having to replace the entire HMI, OEMs can simply replace the module itself, again saving time and money. Making safety simple is what we love to do at MOBA. You can learn more about our systems here:

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