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MRW Load Cell: Features and Benefits

Rain or shine, the work of essential services continues, and I’m always thankful for that. When that work involves lifters and cranes, safety is always a top concern. When essential workers are using aerial lifts and MEWPs, one of the most important safety features provided is an accurate and precise measurement of the load in the cage. This is where MOBA continues to add value to its customers with the MRW load cell and its unique benefits and features.

One of these features is the easy integration of the loadcell between the boom and the cage. Two different load cell dimensions are also available for different cage weight requirements and each can compensate for the lever-arm effect. This simply means that the actual weight inside the cage will be measured independent from the position of the load inside the working platform. This feature is even available for MEWPs with no PLC system. By using the TUV approved MRW Limit and MOBA components, it is also possible to achieve performance level ‘D’. This increases performance and safety for the end user.


Another unique feature is that each load cell is temperature compensated. The drift caused by temperature in the load cell is compensated by using a climate cabinet during production. Each type of MRW is subjected to extreme high and low temperatures so the temperature effect can be determined and saved. This compensation for temperature is standard in all three types of the MRW, the MRW Limit for machines without a PLC system, 4-20 mA version and CAN version. These saved values provide temperature compensation and increased performance.


Along with the features and benefits demonstrated, the MRW also features easy service and calibration, prevention of end user manipulation, and redundancy for increased safety. With these features, benefits, and great performance, it is no wonder that MOBA is selling thousands of MRWs every year and many companies with large market shares have trusted MOBA to provide great value and performance for themselves and their end users. I’d love to talk more about our systems and you can always learn more here: or on our MOBA community site:

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