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HMImc: A modular concept for operating units

The HMImc as part of MOBA’s product platform follows the principles of a "construction kit". Various sensors, controllers and HMIs allow a variety of combinations and system solutions.

Boris Zils, Product Manager of Safety Systems, has bundled the knowledge of MOBA’s existing products and applications, and transferred them into a set of standardized products, called the MOBA platform products. Initially containing only modular sensors and controllers, Boris has also been working in the field of aerial work platforms. He quickly realized the potential of customized HMIs combined with standard hardware, like integrating the HMImc, and adapting them to the product platform.

Sabrina Zerwas, Social Media Marketing, interviewed Boris Zils, Product Manager of Safety Systems, for more details.

Boris, what is the difference between a customized HMI and the HMImc?

The customized HMI is a development together with the customer. Every detail is specified and it is developed in line with the recipient’s needs. The HMImc allows the combination of a huge range of different modules to generate individual operating units. Constantly recurring field test, high development costs and development time, can be reduced by combining the abilities of many standardized modules.

What exactly is the HMImc?

It is a “construction kit” for HMIs. There are a large number of modules like Joystick- Display- Keypad- available. In addition, MOBA offers a variety of housings and optional modifications. We are able to generate individual operating units in a very short time. The modules have a square base and HMIs can be built in a horizontal or vertical way.

What kinds of machines are equipped with the HMImc?

The open concept allows the use in different markets and sectors. Mainly used in machine automation, but also in process technology. The interface always allows the utilization of the CAN-Bus. Currently it is mainly used for aerial lifter machines. It was developed in this market segment of MOBA and this is the main reason. However, I’m quite sure that it will be used in other market segments with growing numbers soon. The new wheel loader and paver systems from MOBA already use the HMImc displays.

What is the added value of the HMImc?

All the modules use the CAN-open Bus as interface. All HMI variations communicate using this data bus. With CANin, CANout, emergency chain and power supply, the cable needs no more than 8 wires. Other CAN components can be added using the Daisy-Chain principle with no additional wires. One can significantly reduce the wiring effort of a machine and save costs. You get all the advantages of a customized HMI without buying the disadvantages like: development cost/time and qualifications cost and time.

What is level of quality with the HMImc?

The platform components are already used all over the world in different applications. The modules of the HMImc “construction kit” are qualified for mobile automation use. Due to long validation in the field and constant improvements, they reach a very high quality level. We take technically matured off-the-shelf products to fulfill individual solutions. Our Joysticks are designed contact free. You are able to change the mechanical part with three screws within seconds. Moisture is not a problem. The joysticks can work under water. Potting protects the electronic parts. MOBA has a 30-year experience of potting electronic parts.

What is the latest result of the product platform?

Many combinations and application options make the HMImc an absolutely groundbreaking product that can score with detailed solutions. Nothing is impossible. We are currently developing a complex control panel with CAN interface. It features a 7"" display with CODESYS operating system, joysticks, keyboard modules, redundant I / O controller, and an additional space with terminal strips for individual wiring of the machine. This panel exclusively consists of modules out of the HMImc “construction kit”.
If we stirred your interest, have a comment, or have any further questions, please contact @Boris Zils, Product Manager of Safety Systems.

More information to our product platform can be found at:

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