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History from Grade and Slope controller via MOBA-matic I thru MOBA-matic II, with new functions

"In 1972, Paul Harms started the distribution and service of analogue Grade and Slope controller. 17 years later, in 1989, the first self-manufactured Grade- and Slope controller by MOBA (G-176 & S-276) entered into the market, for screed levelling of the paver. These two products combined each controller and sensor in one unit and were installed on the screed (S-276), and in front of the screed, beside the paver (G-176).

In 1990, the MOBA-Matic PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) digital controller, with separated sensors, was born. It was easier to handle and operate this system. With it, the operator could stand on top of the screed or walk beside the paver, and comfortably adjust the controller, while paving. The disadvantage of the PWM system was that you could only be connected to one sensor at a time.
Some years later, in 2001 the MOBA-Matic CAN (Controlled Area Network) digital controller with CAN sensors, was introduced into the market. Now it was possible to connect more than one sensor to the controller at the same time. The operator could choose the desired sensor via a menu at the MOBA-Matic CAN controller.

Since the end of 2011, the #MOBA-Matic II CAN digital controller was entered into the market with a 3.5” colour display, function keys, more comfort and functionality. On the basis of the successful CAN technology, this controller is ready for new CAN sensors looking towards the future, like 3D or temperature sensors.
#The MOBA-matic II in focus

The MOBA-matic II is a universal control system for building machines of all kind. The extensive range of sensors used for distance- and slope measurement, as well as its excellent operating convenience and reliability, make the MOBA-matic II a flexible and efficient control system for asphalt pavers, concrete road finishers, mastic asphalt finishers, milling machines and kilvers.

#The latest software version “-A02” on the MOBA-matic II controller provides you with the following advantages:

Path-dependent cross-slope control

Different from working with the Digi-Slope Sensor in the path-dependent. Working with the Digi-Slope Sensor, there is a set point, not adjusted manually, but rather automatically set by the system, depending on the covered distance. In the operating mode ”Automatic“, the user cannot adjust the set point. This function is only available if a path signal is received or a respective sensor is connected.

Indication of an additional sensor value

The info line provides additional information shown in the normal operation menu. The following values can be selected for the info line: Digi-Slope sensor, Sonic-Ski sensor, temperature sensor, layer thickness.

Remote control operation of the other machine side

These special variants serve to operate the respective other side’s levelling by “remote control“. This way, going to the screed’s other side to operate the opposite side (e.g. adjusting the tow point, changing the set point) is not necessary anymore. The cross operation is not a serial standard function. It is only available in a fully wired system. i.e. if both controllers are connected via CAN.

Big-Sonic Ski with 4 sensors

Connect 4 Sonic-Ski sensors for Big Sonic-Ski application. The fourth Sonic-Ski will be placed in the middle of the front and central Sonic-Ski. It will eliminate 4 to 6 meter waves.

The MOBA-matic and their Features are available “all in one box”, and thus any time mountable and ready for action! For more information, please contact our product manager, Mr. Leander Duchscherer,"

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    Yes, and a true success story which will be continued.
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    Good revolution story from G176M series to MOBA Matic II.
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