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Innovative Big Sonic Ski mechanic operating in Korea

Koreas road maintenance is specifically challenged because of limited space on the road. In the following example, one can see how the contractor has to maintain each lane at a time to allow the flow of the traffic. If both lanes are closed at the same time, traffic would be stuck and cause high inconvenience for the drivers.

The project below is located in the south of Korea near the city "Soon-Cheon" and stretches over 70 km that needs new asphalt pavement. 


MOBA Techmaserm and Samjoo have designed a special Big Sonic Ski bracket that allows very quick installation and de-installation. The specific mechanic allows quick installation by one person only as well as allows quick adaption of width and length to meet transport and/or distance to the wall/side of the road. It also allows effective transporting of the paver with the system without having to detach the system. This is especially important when the paver can not turn around on the road but needs to be returned by truck.


MOBA Big Sonic Ski is very popular in Korea because the use of this technology guarantees the absolute smoothness of the road. 

The Big Sonic-Ski is the right solution for every project – whether road, car park, racetrack, airport or roundabout, whether straight road or winding track. Adjustments in the installation are implemented on site in the shortest possible time. Further advantages include:

High precision through constant averaging of measurements from up to four independent sensors

Time-saving owing to user-friendly assembly and flexible handling

Increased uniformity by sensing large surfaces

The result speaks for itself:


This example is the best proof that MOBA thinks global but acts local.

We thank Samjoo for the excellent work in Korea and look for many more Big Sonic Ski installations.

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