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Why small business Operators chose MOBA 3D XSite to upscale their business technology.


Nick and his wife operate their own family business with currently 6 Excavators and their Team of 6 people in Victoria, Australia. Nick Has just bought his second MOBA 3D Excavator System and he agreed to a little interview with Alexander Wahlmann – – Sales and Business Development APAC

(Alexander Wahlmann) How did he find the sales process with MOBA Australia?

(Nick Davey): Great and very effective. One week from the first call to final installation of the system.

(AW): What do your typical projects look like?

(ND): Digging Foundations, Trenching, Preparing land plots, Subdivision, basically a bit of everything.

(AW): Why did you choose MOBA?

(ND): I was looking for a very customer orientated system provider that puts a high value on Service and Support. I then got recommended MOBA by a close friend with good experience.

(AW): Did you look at other brands?

(ND): Yes, but it seems that customers like us, family-owned small-medium businesses, are less interesting for MOBA competitors because we only operate on a relatively small scale.

(AW): Any advice to small-medium size contractors looking to make the investment into 3D but scared about ROI?

(ND): The day you start working with the system you immediately save time and money. No more leaving the cabin and no need for additional surveying work. By working independently one gets much more digging done in a day. And you only dig once, no re-digging with a MOBA XSite 3D system. Your clientele also recognizes the difference of Quality when you turn up with a proper 3D system for the job.

(AW): Finally, how do would you describe the last couple of years of growing your own independent successful business?

(ND): It has been a bumpy road but luckily, I have the diggers to keep smoothing the path.

(AW): Greatest comment ever from a digger operator :)


We thank Nick for his valuable time and highly recommend his services.

If you what to know more, please check their Social media profiles and get in touch with Nick.

For more information, please visit our XSITE microsite.

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