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The Choice of Bucket

Working with an excavator enables the operator to perform a wide-ranging list of tasks depending on the job. Each application demands different skills and corresponding working tools. When operating with XSite Pro, the operator has full flexibility when it comes to the choice of working tool – his or her bucket. XSite Pro supports all common excavator buckets and beyond.

The below video shows the most common buckets used in XSite Pro




In addition, XSite Pro also supports are a wide range of  3rd party Tiltrotors.

Tilt rotators are perfect for grading and leveling work, allowing you to be more efficient when tackling the job and saving you from having to constantly reposition your excavator.

Here is an overview of our most common tilt rotators supported by both our software Xsite App and LNX.

  • Engcon
  • Rototilt
  • Steelwrist
  • SMP
  • Kinshofer Nox

The below picture shows the excavator of our customer Juhyun who bundles his own manufactured Tilit rotator with our Xsite Pro system in Korea,


Please see the website of Juhyun for further information:


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